This evaluation report has been prepared for the purpose of determining the market value of the property of which the information is given below. Market Value was defined within the framework of the International Evaluation Standards. This is the approximate price that should be paid for a property on the date of evaluation, following a proper marketing, under the conditions that will not be affected by any relationships, without any coercion, by a mutually independent willing buyer and a willing seller, in an agreement in which they act in a knowledgeable, prudent and bona fide manner.


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bocom - solutions for the city street lightning

    In the current time, the situation on the market in Germany and in the whole world is such that there is no comparable solution with the bocom system solution for managing street lighning.


    There are system solutions existing, which are based on the other ground. However, they are being more costworthy and demand more efforts.
    The price range in the market of lamps for street lightning is swinging depending on the manufacturer from 300 € for the producton from China to 1700 € for the production of the famous Western manufacturers per a lamp, including the system solution.
    The system solution of the bocom company for street lightning is located in the average price segment.

    The system solution of controlling bocom street lightning allows to reach a high economical potential while realizing projects on street lightning. bocom offers the following:

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Melittin, the medicine from AIDs.
Nanoparticles of bee poison are able to kill AIDs

     Bee poison is able to neutralize the virus of AIDs. Such as a conclusion made by the scholars of a medical school by Washington University, in St.Loius.


     In the course of this experiment, they have discovered that the substance melittin contained in bee poison may neutralize HIV, isolating it from other organism cells. Microparticles of melittin are creating a capsula around the virus, which does not allow it to contact with the healthy cells of organism.

     The results of this research have been published in the magazine Antiviral Therapy. Basing on this discovery, the scholars are developing a vaginal gel for protecting women from getting infected during a sex act. Besides, melittin will be applied for creating some medical products against AIDs.

     The received samples do not contain phospholipase A2 and apamin. In the current moment, there is melittin available (85 % by HELC).The bins for melittin are glass darkened bins by 10 g of melittin in each of them. For analyzing melittin, the high-efficiency liquid chromatography (HELC) was used. It was performed on the chromatograph LC-20AD (Shimadzu).

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